Welcome to the Pastelaxy. I am your guide Ethlen Rain.

Pastelaxy is a hyper feminine experience of pretty ladies, bright colours, strangely glittery food and a unicorn in every flavour for a trendy but unique, stylish anime aesthetic. Established April 2018.

About Ethlen Rain

From a young age I have always wanted to make a career in art, but was always discouraged by my family as it didn’t appear to be a profitable venture. With a distinct lack of employment opportunities, I sought the 9-5 grind in an attempt to find fulfilment, hoping that the time I had after work would be enough to satisfy my creative hunger (spoiler alert: it wasn’t nearly enough – I haven’t had art block in five years because I have so many ideas and not nearly enough time to see them all through!)

I had been working my graphic design job for six years, and as creative as it sounds – working for other people’s visions with not a cute pizza illustration or shade of pink in sight became exhausting and unfulfilling.

I know that I can’t rely on other people to give me an opportunity to my dreams, and so I must create opportunity for myself. I quit my full-time job (well, I work part-time, rent in Sydney is expensive! So I really am a starving artist) in order to have more time to pursue creative freedom. I need to fulfill the Artist’s Dream – having enough to live off of by creating what I love. The power of delicious food, millennial pink and glitter will sustain me until then.