Pastelaxy is an eye-gasmic experience of pretty ladies and puns, sparkly space cows and galaxies, unrealistic food standards and a unicorn in every flavour


Welcome to Pastelaxy

Inspired by anime, puns, debauchery and meme-ry, Pastelaxy's eye candy is equal parts sugar and spice, and everything annoying with an accidental drop of chemical WHY.

Established April 2018.

Pastelaxy goodies are illustrated and designed by Tracey Bailey, an artist located in Sydney. Australia. All apparel is printed and distributed by the Hong Kong based company, Artscow. 

About the Artist

I started Pastelaxy after spending over 6 years unsatisfied as a graphic designer. I have a near constant flow of inspiration and artistic creativity that couldn't be harnessed in a client setting. Most clients don't want sparkly anime girls as their logo for their pharmaceutical event, you know?!

Fashion, dressing up, bright and pastel colours, PINK, outer space, anime girls, puns and all things kawaii and weeaboo are my entire personality, and I wanted a creative outlet that could be a profitable business venture. Thus, Pastelaxy was birthed from my moist womb. 

My purpose is to draw what I want, when I want. I only hope that you all enjoy my creations too!